Letter of solicitation to participate in research on Law 21

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My name is Zeinab Diab and I am a PhD candidate at the Institute of Religious Studies at the University of Montreal.
My doctoral research project concerns the impact of Law 21: « L'impact de la loi 21 au Québec auprès de personnes croyantes chrétiennes, musulmanes, juives et sikhes : Recherche-action participative dans une approche de dialogue intervisionnel ».
This research has two main objectives:
- The general objective of this doctoral project is to understand the wearing of religious symbols in Quebec through a comparative study of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Sikhs in a context where legislation (Law 21) is in force to restrict the wearing of these signs in the public service;
- The specific objective is to analyze the impact of Law 21 in Quebec on people directly affected by it.
In addition to identifying with either the Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Sikh religion, the respondent must meet the following criteria:
- Have been affected in their employability or in their career path in the public service since the adoption of Law 21;
- Must be wearing or having worn a religious symbol that has been called into question since the adoption of Law 21.
I am contacting you in the hope that you will consider participating in this research. This means that I will interview you, ask some pre-prepared questions, and ask you to provide general data such as your age, education, etc.
By participating in this research, you contribute to the documentation of the effects of Bill 21 in Quebec and to the production of knowledge that puts the individuals concerned in the foreground.
Please note that participation in this research is completely voluntary and based on your consent (note that you will be required to sign a consent form). You have the right to choose not to participate. Additionally, you have the right to answer questions as you see fit and you have the right to withdraw from the interview and research if you see fit. To this end, I am providing my contact details in case you want to be in contact with me regarding any issues now or in the future. 
(For more details, see p. 2 of the attached form entitled: Information and Consent Form.)
The research allows for remote interviews with participation lasting approximately one and a half hours and will be conducted by zoom. These interviews will be recorded and conducted confidentially, which means that I am not interested in your name per se, or any other names you might mention in the interview. These will be omitted once the interview is transcribed. The duration of the interview is one hour with some variations to be expected. In the case where you choose to participate in this research, the date and time of the interview will be scheduled according to your preferences. I promise you that the anonymity of all the data collected will be assured. 
If you are interested in this research and you meet the criteria mentioned above, I will be happy to talk to you. I invite you to contact me by email to express your interest. In case you are not interested, I still thank you for taking the time to read this invitation and I wonder if you could refer me or introduce me to others who might be interested in participating. 
If you have any questions about this research, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
Thank you, 
Zeinab Diab
Candidate au PhD, sciences des religions
Institut d’études religieuses, Université de Montréal
E-mail : [email protected]
Twitter : @Zeinab__Diab