Concerns shared with the two front runner candidates to the leadership race of the Conservative party of Canada by Canadian Muslim Forum

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As the Conservative Party of Canada 2022 Leadership race enters its final weeks Canadian Muslim Forum  put series of concerns to the 2 major candidates  : Mr. Pierre Poilievre and Mr. Jean Charest.

The CMF asked the both candidates for their detailed views on most of  the issues that are important for the Canadian and the Quebec Muslims . the responses We will be published  when it is received.


Canada and Quebec Muslim Points Of Concerns; 

  • Hate speech: There is a clear difference between freedom of speech and hate speech. Hate speech leads to hate, and freedom of speech leads to an enrichment of democracy. Any speech that leads to violence and bigotry should not fall under the reason for freedom of speech.  
  • Social media: while respecting freedom of speech, there is a need for solid legislation to assert that social media platforms are not turned into feeding podiums for racism and prejudice. Those who preach violent hate should be identified and brought to justice. 
  • Extreme right and supremacy-based ideologies that lead to violence should be addressed as they are the creeds that are being adopted by the perpetrators of the violent Islamophobic terror assaults and aggressions.   
  • Laws and rules, although at the provincial levels, have implications that hit Canadian citizens hard. As evidence, Bill 21, one of its clear implications is targeting Quebecois young women because of their choice of dress and beliefs. One survey after the other proves that the implications of Bill 21 have deepened the Islamophobic wounds for so many, it invites hate and discrimination against Canadian Muslims mainly in Quebec. 
  • Addressing openly what media reports have called a toxic Islamophobic environment within some of the Canadian federal security agencies. This sort of atmosphere has a very severe influence on even the process of decision-making in courts, refugee claimants, and the targeting of Canadian citizens and residents based on their religious and ethnic backgrounds.  Recently many concerns have been raised about how CRA is dealing with community organizations in a way that the general belief of the targeted institutions and wide range of the community members that they have been targeted because of their Muslim identity. 
  • Hidden racism is one of the most complicated challenges that need a special approach from the authorities to be able to be tackled and addressed. Hidden racism is mainly demonstrated in job market hiring, career opportunities, and the occupying of higher posts. It’s also manifested in what is considered a double standard when it comes to Canadian Muslims in particular. 
  • Security and safety of Muslim Canadians: FMC-CMF believes that one of the most dangerous aspects of Islamophobia is the violence and terror directed at Muslim citizens and their institutions across the country. As Canada has witnessed a spike in such incidents, it’s becoming much more urgent for an action-inclusive plan to address such very alarming phenomena before it gets out of control and claims more innocent Canadians' lives.   
  • One of the positive narratives in facing Islamophobia could be by clearly recognizing the contribution of Canadian Muslims in society at large and at all social, economic and political levels.  
  • Women are the most visible victims of the Islamophobia ideology and the extreme populist elements in society. Opening opportunities to Canadian Muslim women in key positions is another component that sends a clear message that all Canadians are equal and all can join the efforts in making Canada a multicultural country.   
  • Foreign policy; the Uyghur in China, Muslims in India, and the Middle East dilemma.