Anti-Semitism or Anti-Zionism? The Conflation Is Deliberate

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“B’nai B’rith” has been working to push Ontario’s Legislative Assembly to adopt legislation that would criminalise the anti-Israeli-occupation action represented by the BDS movement and label it as anti-Semitic.

Currently, the “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance” is carrying out the same work and focusing on the NDP’s next-month convention. The IHRA is promoting propaganda and psychologically pressuring NDP members to push them to label boycotting the Israeli entity as anti-Semitic and vote against it. If that happens, all humanitarian activists working to support the occupied Palestinians would be silenced…

Why is the orange party in focus?  That’s definitely because many of the party member sand activists are generally known as left-leaning, concerned with the oppressed peoples’ causes and the poor labouring classes’ rights...

On Twitter, the CIJA clearly showed clear discontent with two major NDP officials, Svend Robinson and Libby Davies, who’ve drafted a resolution that would prevent conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Canada’s Zionist lobby has, therefore, been exercising further pressure to weaken the pro-Palestine NDP members and heighten the opposing pro-Israel currents.  

Accordingly, Canadian intellects have launched a petition, which has since been signed by over 500 academics across Canada, to condemn the IHRA’s attempts to silence any opposition to the Israeli occupation, and to brand that as illegal action violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees all citizens the right to express political opinions… The petition additionally states that anti-Semitism is a form of racism, just like denying Palestinians their right is.

The campaign is probably going to expand among universities and scholars, particularly when some of Toronto’s universities have moved some professors off their jobs simply because they’ve backed the Palestinians’ right to a decent living…

So will the opposition party survive the plot to pressure it into changing its historic approaches to the rightful causes? Or will the NDPs follow the path of Canada’s two major parties: the Liberals and the Conservatives?

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