November 17th Then Demarcation: What Kind of Lebanon Does Washington Wish to Get??

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Around the same time of year, on 17 October 2019, public protests broke out in Lebanon; taxes had been raised and basic services had been lacking even more. Later, it was called a “revolution” that sought to overthrow the regime at the time and bring about new elections in hopes of a new political class – one different from President Aoun’s regime, which is supported by the pro-resistance, March 8 Alliance of a  parliamentary majority…

The unrest reminds us of the so-called “Arab Spring”, which also began in the form of public unrest in Tunis, Egypt, Libya and Syria. In both cases, things went from a spontaneous call for basic rights to chaos; US-led “civil organisations” spearheaded the masses to “bring democracy to society”, in accordance with the US administration’s political-change plans for the region.

After all, Washington’s been trying to bring to rule governments that are okay with the Israeli occupation, but that oppose the forces, regimes, parties, and movements of the resistance. And there’s no problem, to Washington, with picking Muslim forces calling for revolution and change, even with picking forces that are apparently terrorist. The goal is to find ones that go in line with the US policies of controlling the public interests of the Arab and Muslims world rulers…

In particular, Lebanon’s November unrest has been headed by pro-normalisation-with-Israel liberals, and by non-governmental organisations receiving millions of dollars, according to a US official. And the ultimate purpose is to demonise Lebanon’s resistance and blame it for “overlooking 30 years of corrupt, wasteful, and indebted governance.”

Once that gets done, the US can threaten Lebanon with complete financial failure and block aid and grants, subjecting any opposers of negotiations with Israel. That will legalise occupation and partner it with the foreseeable fortune-holders of massive gas fields. So far, Lebanon has been prevented from drilling for gas that can boost the troubled economy and pay back the accumulating debts.

Yet another subsequent US goal is to get a signature that enables the Hebrew entity to act freely in Lebanon’s waters and on its territories, just like the entity’s been violating Lebanon’s space. In the meantime, the resistance is still active and absolutely unwavering even though its people are financially distraught. So can these conditions be imposed? The coming weeks are going to reap the results of a wild struggle.

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