“Normalisation” In Canada Is Just A Matter Of Time

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Hussein Hoballah, Montreal

To those familiar with the Middles East’s history, it hasn’t, at all, been a surprise to see the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain normalise relations with the Zionist entity. Ever since Palestine was seized, many countries and senior figures have been on the same page with the occupying state. Simultaneously, there has been secret normalisation that won’t take too long to get public.

Some Arab governors had been concealing their relations with Israel; otherwise, they would get exposed before their peoples that never recognised the Israeli entity as legitimate. It was just a matter of time, to the governors, before things could get perfect for the official normalisation and blatant treason.

To make things prefect, the plotters came up with national strife and ISIS and similar groups that would wreak havoc nationwide and brutally massacre people. That would give a chance to the ill-willed, traitors and bounty hunters to claim that Israeli entity was their closest ally. Dozens of exterminations committed by the Haganah prior to 1948 were overlooked, as well as the notorious massacres that had stricken the Lebanese and Palestinians, committed in Sabra and Shateela, Qaana, and the July War (“The Second Lebanon War”)…

It also took training clerics to legitimise that filthy step, and here they are today lecturing on the “benefits” of normalisation; obviously turning their backs on stances they’ve made and on the sufferance of the Palestinians under occupation.

Another common factor for both the Zionist entity and the Arab states is enmity to Iran. Hand in hand with the occupation, they worked for years to blaze sectarianism and strife, broadcasting the hateful speech of ill-willed clerics from both camps, eventually reaching many uninformed masses. Concurrently, money has lavishly been spent to achieve the plot in many countries of the world.

Even the Arab-media division spokesman for the so-called Israel Defence Forces, Avichay Adraee, played sheikh, lecturing on the “Shia threat” and praising Ibn Taymiyyah’s doctrines that see the Shia as “infidels”. And whereas Sunnis absolutely have no connections with the Israeli entity, Adraee has called on them to fight the “Shia, Iran threat”. Clearly, he did not make his call in favour of Ibn Taymiyyah or the respected Sunnis, but to emblaze strife and appeal to his supporters.

Announcing the last step has taken a good deal of time, going through many silences and obstacles before it could be accepted by Arab peoples. It is going to expand now that the Zionist entity senses great threat against its existence. It is expected many countries will take the same route now that masks have fallen and lots of culpabilities have shown.

So it’s not just the Arab states that are being asked to normalise relations, but also all Arabs and Muslims of the world, including Canada’s Arab/Muslim community. There has been news on clandestine relations formed by Ottawa’s Israeli embassy and some Canadian and non-Canadian Arab seniors. Those seniors have visited the embassy, Montreal’s Israeli consulate or other pro-Israel institutions, observers say.

Furthermore, some Canadian pro-Israel groups have been coordinating plans with prominent Arab and Muslim figures, including politicians or businesspeople. It has been said, off the record, too, that a known community association has been seeking to create relations with some pro-Israel influencers to facilitate their trade and social and political affairs. Both sides have therefore had calls.

Barriers have been placed before many candidates , not-in-love-with-Israel of different parties to parliament.

Journalists opposing Israel’s actions against the Palestinians have also been harassed. In every case, the candidate or journalist has been accused of “supporting terror” – an argument commonly made to silence any opposers to the Israeli occupation.  

Some associations critical of Israel have also been harried, and any MP or city councillor attending the association’s events has been slammed and eventually forced to apologise for the “sin committed”.

Alongside being pressured, community members have sometimes been lured to compromise. Whereas part has acted thoughtfully, others have been lured to visiting occupied Palestine to show “open-mindedness” and detachment from “the terrorists”.

Just like in the Arab Gulf, it is being sought to push the community to normalise relations with the Israeli occupation now that normalisation is no longer a secret or a shame, unlike the past.

And just like official normalisation in the Middle East has not been unforeseen, it won’t be here – when it happens. Then a candid stance must be made even though that’s difficult; laws are strict against any critics of Israel who might be accused of “anti-Semitism” – an attempt to silence people, suppress the freedom of expression and ruin the multiculturalism Canada’s known for.